Selfish Motivations

This site is all me. I use it to post rough drafts of my poems, provide information on my products and services I have for sale or offer, and as a place for blog posts. While this site is where I put all things me, I have another site that is very much not me in terms of content creation. This other site is It’s primary goal is as home to the Creativity Blog Project. So far, the project has 88 entries (the most recent one was just posted this evening).

The stated purpose of the Creativity Blog Project is to collect submissions on the topics of Creativity, Art, and Inspiration for the purpose of further inspiring creativity in others. But, I feel the need to confess tonight….I think my motivations, while somewhat altruistic, are a bit on the selfish side. I look forward to getting and posting these essays (and poems, audio files, and stories) at least as much for the inspiration they give me as for any benefit they may be to others.

When my muse is being a wench, I take a field trip to my other site and pull up the Contributors pages. It’s both a walk down memory lane (which in and of itself can spark my imagination) and the words of wisdom offer so many opportunities for me to be inspired. So, while I hope it serves its intended purpose and helps inspire others, I’m just thrilled to be able to use it myself.

Funny thing about the posts there is that my favorites are by people who didn’t (or maybe still don’t) think of themselves as “creative”. They remind me that we ALL are creative and maybe we need to remind each other of that more often.

Embrace your creativity. Take time to use it in some small way every day. Slow down on your journey through life and look around you. Be gentle with yourself. Color outside the lines.


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