Posted in February 2014


There are times When you’re holding me Tightly to your chest As you move inside me When I wonder if this Us together Is like what drowning Might feel like Unable to take a breath Teetering on the edge Until we claw our way to the surface Together gasping Air rushing in The feeling of … Continue reading »

In Pieces

He is strong Yet vulnerable He opened his soul Reached into his chest Took out his heart And gently handed it To me He is smart Yet sensitive Opening his mind Letting me in To his thoughts His dreams Making me a part Of his future He is ravenous Yet gentle As he shares every … Continue reading »

A Pale Blue Sky

A pale blue sky Giant Robin’s egg Gently cradling us all Before the wind Whips us from the tree And silently we fall Melting into Oblivion’s dark My feelings fade away A new realm of Fantasy’s embrace Begins a bright new day To love, to laugh No finer joys found Freely given to you The … Continue reading »

What I Want to Write

I want to take pieces of hearts And write them whole I want to reach into your soul Find the places Where you are bleeding And find the words To staunch the flow I want to reach back Through time And in rhythm and rhyme Trace history Yours and mine I want to see Into … Continue reading »

No Dreaming About…The Three Things

I’ve explained this on twitter before. A series of tweets by way of an explanation for the occasional bizarre tweet that goes something like, “Tonight, no dreaming about clowns, rice krispy treats, or poodles”. (That was tonight’s by the way). But I wasn’t sure if I had ever offered up the full explanation in one … Continue reading »

Selfish Motivations

This site is all me. I use it to post rough drafts of my poems, provide information on my products and services I have for sale or offer, and as a place for blog posts. While this site is where I put all things me, I have another site that is very much not me … Continue reading »


I have so many days Where I’m fighting Inertia It would be so easy Just to give in And some days I do I allow myself To be quiet and still Feel myself sink down Into the murky pool Hoping the acts Of being quiet and still Will silence the voices In my mind The … Continue reading »