The kind of music
Where pain is a virtue
Where heartache is the chorus
And love is painful
Sad and lost
Blue is unfulfilled desire
It is the color of the sky
When it doesn’t match the mood
When you’re feeling blue
The sky is a pale lifeless grey
It’s regal and royalty
Pomp and circumstance
It’s electric irises
When I’ve been crying
It’s sadness so prolonged
And profound
That it borders on purple
It’s midnight when you’re all alone
But sometimes
We read too much into things
And blue is just a color
Just a choice on the color wheel
Between red and yellow
Not a voice crying out
For the touch of your fingers
Slowly trailing down my side
Or the sound of your sighs
Sometimes sadness is green
And the walls of my emotional prison
Are bubblegum pink instead.
No, today blue is just a color
And I’m fine.

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