My Voice

Sometimes I think
Compared to real poets
My voice is so small
Then I remember
That until fairly recently
I had no voice at all

My voice is at times timid
When I let my shyness
Get the best of me
But I’m learning to be bold
To speak up
And set my voice free

I want to tell stories
And sing love songs
To turn words into art
Swirling colors
Sounds and emotions
Wrapped around your heart

I want to tell you
That you’re not alone
No matter how lonely you get
That your pain will not kill you
I’m living proof
It hasn’t stopped me yet

That if you look
There is beauty all around
Just look in the mirror
Your imperfections
Your faults and lapses
Are nothing to fear

Or are they?
I suppose that depends on
Who you believe
The voices of haters
Of bullies of doubters
Or me

The solitary figure
With a voice that’s still small
Teaching herself to shout
I’ve been through pain
And while I’m not there yet
I have figured out

Who and what I can be
And she is beautiful
As are you
When you listen
To your inner voice
And speak your words loud and true

Sometimes I think
That my voice is just right
And perfectly me
Even as I and it
Grow into all
We were meant to be

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