Long ago memories
Of a full bouquet of yellow
Long stems graceful
Ballerinas twirling
Baby’s breath
Mine held
Gift of thankfulness
Of friendship

Pink petals gradually falling
To the tabletop below
Beauty fading
Soft scent lingering
In the air
Sweet memory
Of an unexpected gift
On a Tuesday

Playful combinations
Pink and peach
Orange and yellow
Miniature sunsets
In each perfect bud
Sparks of red and white
Bursting in air
Fireworks of color
Climbing the backyard fence
To celebrate births
Each summer

These flowers mark my memories
Colors coupled with
Silk petals
Forever entwined
With feelings
With specific moments
Moments of love
Moments of joy
And yet the flowers never given
The colors never shared
Will be the ones most remembered
Their absence exceptional

Red blossoms
Never crushed
Petals never scattered
What I would have given
For such a wanton display
Of heady desire
To roll amidst the death
Mixing the scents
Of sex and florals
To know the flower’s perfection
Was if only for a brief moment
Overshadowed by my own
To have been thought worthy
Of spilling
It’s blood red life
Crushed underneath
The weight of our love

Delicate pristine white
Shrouding all memories
Will be my gift to you
The pale perfection
I could never be
Laid gently on top of you
For all to see
Thorns that would otherwise
Mar their well groomed existence
Removed so that no blood
Will be shed

And when I give you white
I will keep the red for myself
Greedy in my love
Celebrating life and lust
Soiling the petals
With my selfishness
With my pleasure
While you and your perfection
Grow cold together

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