Sex Matters

I’m not sure why sex matters
I mean the sex of a person
Not the act or more correctly acts themselves
Those matter the way oxygen matters

No, I mean how a person
Thinks of themself
Or which equipment
Their physical body is currently outfitted with
Or which model came off
The assembly line
When their soul was originally established
In that particular model

Sex the act is an expression
Of love and lust
Of joy and enjoyment
It’s touching and fucking
Teasing and squeezing
It may be holding
Or scolding
It’s orgasms
And ecstasy
It’s anything to me
That gives me pleasure
And if I’m not alone
In this endeavor
It’s what pleases my partner
Or partners

It’s between two or more souls
Trapped in physical form
And so long as the participants
Are of legal age
And consenting
It should not matter
To the rest of us
Who these people are
Or what type of things
They do with each other
Or to each other
When they have sex
Provided they both live
To enjoy the afterglow

But when it comes to a person
And their individual self
Unless you are having sex with someone
What difference does how they view themself
Make to anyone else?

We are each born into
A physical space
A container of race
And chromosomal gender
That says if we are him or her
But often the universe
Gets it wrong
And we’re born with an X
When the soul inside
Knows that they were meant to be a Y
Or a Y instead of an X
It’s a horrible mess

But a fixable one
If society would stop caring
What shoes or what clothes
A person wears each day
Or whether someone identifies
As a woman or man
Why if they aren’t your sexual partner
Does anyone even care?

Is it fair to dictate
What makes someone masculine?
Or feminine?
And insist we all conform?
And who gets to make up these rules?
Are high heels and makeup feminine?
Is playing football masculine?
None of that should matter

What sex a person calls themself
And how they chose
To clothe or decorate
The body they use
Should not matter

That a person is healthy and happy
That they discover their talents
And use them to improve this place
Help the human race
To give in some measure
And yes, experience pleasure
Those things should matter

How many bigger things
Could the human race achieve
If people believed
That we are all simply people?
If color and sex
Were not seen as anything more
Than container descriptions
For the soul inside?
Because each is of equal import
And it’s pointless to judge
Based on the outside

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