My Church

My church is not a place
It is a celebration
Not of a particular myth
But of a rest well earned
Of creativity already unleashed
And creations yet to be

My church is not an architectural masterpiece
It is a mindset
It is lightness and love
It is sleeping in
Until my body is rested
It is reading and writing
Snippets of things
Or an entire tome
It is a physical book
Or the Internet

My church is the raindrops
Playing a symphony outside my window
It is a sermon composed of
And delivered by
A cat of strong opinions

My church is curled up
In the arms of my love
Pondering art and music and sex
And all the other important ideas
In this vast universe

My church is fellowship
It is Facebook posts and tweets
It is reading blog posts
Written by friends
That get missed during the hectic week

My church is my salvation
It is reconnecting with friends
With myself
And with my love

My church is whispering and giggling
It is making love and snuggling
It is reflection and introspection
Contemplation and inspiration

My church is a quiet Sunday morning
When all I have to be
Is me

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