Magic Spreadsheet Challenge

So,  lots of writers are trying this thing called the Magic Spreadsheet.  I heard about it from Mur Lafferty on her podcast, “I Should Be Writing” and my friend Veronica. The Magic Spreadsheet is designed to reward a writer who has a daily writing habit more than the writer who binge writes every so often.  I’ve heard stories about writers who will even jump out of bed to go hammer out their daily minimum rather than risk breaking their “chain” and starting back at square one.

One of my good friends is a novelist and wants to improve the frequency with which he writes (as do I).   The initial requirement is just 250 words a day…every day. How hard can it be to put down 250 every day? Well, if you tend to write relatively short poems like I do…pretty damn hard. But, I’ve been working on writing longer, more involved pieces so hopefully this will help.  I also want to work on my prose.  So, I figured between poems, blog posts (this is my words for today) and eventually prose, I can do this (crossing fingers probably couldn’t hurt though).

So, my friend and I are currently trying out the MS; but come December 31, we’re both going to throw down zeros and start from scratch on New Years Day.  The deal is that on Friday, May 22, 2014 (the day Balticon officially starts) whomever has the higher score wins. At stake, is one drink. Loser buys. AND…must proclaim loudly to a bar full of our friends that they have been bested by the other.

I’m fond of saying…

Just.  Keep.  Writing.

And I’ll continue to tell him that and encourage him to write every day while secretly (or not so secretly I suppose) hoping he has a moment of weakness (preferably in April or May) so that I’m victorious.

I’ll be posting regular updates on Twitter and occasionally here as well.

And for the record, this post netted me 330 words for the day…

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