The Roads Not Travelled

When those two roads diverge
The lesson of taking the one less travelled
Is clear and well known
What a difference choice makes
Following your heart
Not taking the well-worn, easy path
To your heart’s desire

But what about when the road not travelled
Is not taken
Due to no fault of your own?
Like when your family moves
Uprooting you from all you know?
Forcing you to start over
Regrow relationships
And find a new path

You hold that image of the path
In mind
Trying to chart a new course
To the same destination.
To where?
Wasn’t he heading home?
And home has now changed.
And the metaphors is about life
And traveling through it.
So where was I headed before?

Before my world changed
I knew what I wanted.
And as soon as I thought
I’d figured it all out again
My world changed again
That bottom falling out feeling
Of the ride that spins so fast
Became my existence.
And my entire childhood
Became a blur

So the road not travelled
Has become the what ifs…
The who would I have become?
The how would I be different?
The would I have made
The same mistakes?
Similar choices?
Would my flaws be similar?
Would I be similar?
To the me I am now?

Every time my world changed
I had to find the paths again
With no fixed goal
No ultimate destination
In mind
And the woods grew thicker
The sky was that much darker
Time was moving on
Even as I was not
Stumbling around
Lost in those damn woods.

Each time I left friends behind
I held on less tightly
You’ll make new friends
Yes, I got pretty good at that
Until I figured out
It doesn’t matter
They still won’t get to come with me
The next time my world spun.
So I got used to me
Being the only constant
In my life.

And who’s to say
Who or what I would have become
Had the road not followed
Been the one I walked
Instead of the regrets
Of things I couldn’t change

Some times when the world is cold
And the snow is falling quietly
I still wish I was in those woods
Where I knew both where I was
And which way was home
So that I could make the choice
Of which path to take
Safe in the knowledge
That either way led home
And the things I experienced
Upon the journey
Were up to me.

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