I’ve decided to take the entire month of December as one for reflection, introspection, planning, and research. Typically, I do this kind of thinking around New Year’s Day. I dream about where I want to be and what I want to do without putting anything in place to help me get from A to B. Follow-through (or the lack thereof) is a huge weakness of mine. As is being scattered. My ADD fu is very strong. So I want to see if rather than only thinking about these things on one day; if I spend an entire month not just thinking but putting some new tools into place, can I be more effective in pursuing my goals and dreams.

I just read through a post I wrote in January. And for the first time (that I can remember) I feel like I’ve actually accomplished more of what I set out to do in a year than not. That’s an amazing feeling. But I still have many areas where I fell short. So hopefully, this new approach will improve my results.

My successes for 2013 include publishing Deep Breaths & Chocolate; stepping up at work into a position of additional responsibilities including doing some peer training and learning progressively harder tasks; learning to manage my self-induced anxiety through reconditioning my responses and using relaxation exercises; dyeing another exciting group of Balticon colorways, the sales of which enabled me to attend Balticon for my 4th year (and it was extra special because my youngest attended for the first time and I got to experience it through his eyes); I’ve worked with a number of talented writers for the first time this year (I hope I’ll be reading more great stories from them in the year to come); and in publishing my own book I created a publishing company, Bright Eyed Publications, through which I hope to publish other writers and poets in the future.

I still have issues with balance. I’m getting better at it; but I’m not yet where I want to be. I also failed miserably at writing this year. Focusing on publishing the poetry was a great excuse to not write prose. That was fine for this year; it’s not gonna work for next year. So, writing will be one of the focuses, focci? for next year. Along with audio work, writing more poetry, publishing the next book, and learning the technical skills I need to be able to turn everything up a notch. So, I have lots of planning, scheduling, and research to do to get ready for the next chapter in this adventure we call life…


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