Posted in October 2013

Grey Skies

Minimal bits of blue Overshadowed by shades of grey Just enough definition To feel the weight Of the clouds Pressing down Threatening I really wish It would just rain Decisively Coldly And wetly Torrents streaming Would be so much better Than feeling apprehensive On an already Grey day

That Moment When

That moment when A friend casually pats you on the shoulder And you realize it’s the first time Someone has touched you Since you don’t know when And you suddenly feel So much older And your heart grows colder Knowing how alone You’ve become That moment when You stride out into the world confidently And … Continue reading »

At a Loss for Words

Sometimes I find myself At a complete loss for words with you Not because I have nothing to say In fact, quite the opposite There are so many things I want to tell you Need to tell you All competing for my breath And I worry about how I sound What you think If I … Continue reading »

Our Happy Ending

Tell me your deepest secrets And your biggest fears. Then tell me your hopes, And dreams, And wildest desires. After you’ve told me these things And I have told you mine, We will sit side by side Holding hands Leaning against each other, While we figure out Where we are, How to keep the demons … Continue reading »

Morning Mist

Morning mist blanketing Each particle of moisture Hanging heavy in the air The time of day past the end of the night Yet before the break of day When the darkness is absolute A blue black so dark That it’s more than black The air so wet If you listen closely You can almost hear … Continue reading »

On Girls and Pineapples

This poem was inspired by something a friend’s 7 year old son said. “I love the cultural mix of girls and pineapples.” So, thank you Theo for the inspiration. Instantly recognizable Symbol of sweetness Of entire cultures But the simplicity Of these silhouettes Belies the complexity And contradictory natures Of both. They can be hard … Continue reading »

Walking By the Water

The voices whisper, Flowing along the water Like the one cool breeze On a hot summer day. Searching for a heart That needs breaking; A heart aching Ready for that last little push, With words of doubt And distrust. People strolling Along the water’s edge; Young and fit jogging, Older with more memories Packed around … Continue reading »