Thoughts on My Writing

Due to some recent comments here that have since been removed (along with the posts themselves), it occurred to me that if one person didn’t understand the nature of my writing then perhaps he isn’t the only one. So here are some thoughts on my work and this space (in no particular order).

This space is my personal site. I don’t have ads up. I don’t post guest posts. I welcome comments if and when they are pertinent and not personal attacks on me in some way. I’m thrilled that people are reading my work. But if for some reason, you don’t care for me or my words, that’s fine. Don’t read them then. I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with someone telling me I suck or that I’m a poor excuse of a human being. Get off my lawn.

While many of my poems are autobiographical, not all are. Some are simply situations I imagine and explore. This is creative writing. Sometimes it’s fiction, sometimes non. Please don’t assume one way or the other.

Sometimes, I write about a feeling or situation long after it happened. If its something personal, sometimes having achieved some distance from an event makes it easier to go back and revisit it to get some closure. I use words to help me figure things out.

Additionally, I use words to explore themes. With complex emotional or interpersonal things, often it takes me many poems to feel like maybe I’m finally saying what I want to say. The truth is I almost never think the words I write say what I want. So I keep trying. To understand the issue. Understand my reactions to things. Understand them in general terms. And to understand how the general relates to my specific circumstances. And the understanding has nothing to do with being able to express the whole mess either. So hopefully this explains why I go over the same ground repeatedly sometimes.

Many of these themes are big ones. Universal ideas around life and love. Betrayal, anger, abuse. Falling in or out of love. Looking for love. Life, the universe, and everything. So I doubt I’m going to ever feel like I’ve completely exhausted any of these.

The poems I post here are usually first drafts. I like to keep them here in one place. I write spontaneously and they need to sit for a while before I can go back to them and edit them objectively. And yes, I edit. This is something relatively new to me. I used to believe that however they were at the moment of creation, that’s how they needed to stay. I think I still feel that way about the little poems (haiku and 5 lines). But I’ve been pushing myself to write longer, more complex works and these need to be polished. The little poems are polished by the forms themselves during creation. So on the longer works, if you have thoughts on ways you think they can be improved, I’d love to hear them.

I think that’s everything. Meanwhile, I’m sure if I’ve forgotten something the universe will find a way to let me know.

If you have any thoughts on this or anything here (provided you’re not telling me how terrible I am…I can do that for myself but thanks for the thought) drop a note in the comments.

Thank you for reading!!