Said so forcefully for such a little voice
And so I swung you up
Into the air again
Two tiny hands held tightly in mine
Rewarded with giggles
And a new commandment
Of, “Again!”.

Before the last page could be turned
Or the cover closed
As the book was flipped over
For the eleventeenth time.
Or had it been a hundred?
Said even more insistently
As the story was started anew.

Was one of the first words you uttered
And it took you less than a day
To learn the tone
To match your need
Your little obsession
So much bigger than your little body
Yet so much smaller than your mind.

I was a slave
To your desire
Your insatiable appetite
For repetition
As you focused on the joy of movement
On repeating joyful moments
On memorizing
Every word
Every color and picture
Of these stories
That spoke to you in some way

And again
I was entranced
In you and your joy
Your insatiable desire
For everything
And though I sighed
Between the last page
And the restarting of the first
I was busy memorizing too
The sound of your voice
The look of concentration
The sparkle in your eyes

Now, when you are long past
Insisting I read to you
Or lift you up
I remember the joy
Of this one word
And when you do something
That strikes me as special
As so typically you
I’m the one saying,

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