Wildwood Flora

Wildwood Nature Preserve is two miles from my house.  It is an oasis of wetlands, marshes, animals, and birds on the edge of Harrisburg with one of the busiest trucking routes (Rt 81) running along it’s edge on one side.  Yes, from time to time you can still hear the big rigs lumbering along but it is such a beautiful sanctuary regardless.  It is the northernmost anchor of a “Green Belt” that loops through and around the city.  I stop here from time to time to get some exercise, take nature walks with the boys, or just relax and take pictures.

One day last week, I was on my way home from the gym, and decided on a whim to stop and see what kind of images I could get.  I have taken to carrying my camera with me at all times again.  The resulting images fall into flora and fauna categories quite nicely.  So, today’s installment will be the flora, or plant life.  This also includes more “path” photographs.  That seems to be a big theme for me right now.  Perhaps because my path is changing and evolving so rapidly lately.  Here is a small sampling of some of the flora of Wildwood.

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