Posted in May 2010

Who I Am

Who I Am    by E.M. Phoenix     5/21/2010 music…and my writing… are the best ways into my soul who I am what I am me without pretense without facade disguise or any kind of hidden… and I speak from those places within through other peoples words their music and the music of my own … Continue reading »

For So Long

For So Long when you’re not aware  that something is missing in your life  you feel nothing about it. you don’t know what you don’t know but when someone pulls back the curtain and exposes the giant gapping whole in your life in your soul,  your very existance… you don’t know you’re missing something  until … Continue reading »


  To finally see you hold, smell, feel, taste, and love you that is my desire, Safe inside your arms bodies and souls become one safe inside your heart. They call me ‘Trouble’. All I want is you, my Love.  No trouble at all. Touch my heart gently touch the deepest part of me all … Continue reading »

More Iris

As I got home this morning I realized that more of the iris had bloomed.  This will be a daily event for the next week or so.  The sky was overcast and the first misty drops were starting to fall.  I ran inside and grabbed the camera so that I could get at least a … Continue reading »

Sorry, My Fault(s)

I’ve written about how it feels like I’m going through some sort of “mid-life crisis” for lack of a better term. I’ve written about being unemployed and my subsequent “do-over” in terms of learning to follow my passion (and hopefully earning some money at it). I’ve written about photography, photographing the photographer, and photographing roads … Continue reading »

Backyard Beauties

I don’t venture out into my own backyard often enough.  I ended up in the back yard today and had to go get the camera.  The light was just starting to hit that magical time and Spring appears to have finally sprung for us.  And so, I offer up these photos from just a short … Continue reading »

Wildwood Fauna

Here is the 2nd half of the Wildwood photographs.  This is the wildlife I saw (and managed to capture ) with the camera… A beautiful Garter Snake sunning himself I think this is a Red-Winged Blackbird but am not positive. This area on and near the Susquehanna River is a breeding ground for Ibis. They are … Continue reading »

Wildwood Flora

Wildwood Nature Preserve is two miles from my house.  It is an oasis of wetlands, marshes, animals, and birds on the edge of Harrisburg with one of the busiest trucking routes (Rt 81) running along it’s edge on one side.  Yes, from time to time you can still hear the big rigs lumbering along but … Continue reading »