The People and the Planes

Okay, this is my last post about Create South.  I had thought about doing these seperately but it’s going to be mostly photographs (go figure) anyway.

I met some amazing people down in South Carolina.  I’m sure everyone who was there is amazing.  I just met a few.  That whole shyness thing, ya know.  I started out taking pictures of people.  Until I started paying attention to the presentations.  So, I got sidetracked (surprise!) and didn’t get pictures of everyone I would have liked to get.

One of the things I realized as a result of this little adventure is that I hadn’t realized how much I was missing by not being around photographers.  I am stuck in 1988 (The year I graduated from College.  The year I last took photography seriously.).  I’ve never even used Photo Shop. (I know, I know.  I didn’t write that for the shock value, it’s the truth).  I plan to learn and catch up as fast as possible.

Afterward, a few of us stopped at War Bird Park, the local memorial to combat wounded veterans from the Myrtle Beach area.  I found myself first taking pictures of the guys taking pictures.  That seems to be a new theme for me.  I also found that I wasn’t seeing ‘planes’.  I was seeing the little parts, the  graphic lines, the patterns.  Another new theme.  Fine by me.

So, here are some of the people pics, some of the photographer photographing the photographer pics, and some of the plane plane pics.

Tee and Dave (one of the founders and organizers)
Tee in his trademark bunny ears
Mur Lafferty
Cal Miller (left)
Photographing the photographer begins
Tee and Dave again.  What is this “Firefly” of which you speak??

Photographer Tee as subject

Photographers Kreg and Dave as subjects

One of my favorites: Me shooting Kreg shooting Tee

The underside of one of the wings

Too good to pass up: Fighter plane as phallus

I loved the reflections of the flags on the plane

Underneath one of the planes

The monument to wounded combat veterans of the Myrtle Beach area

The dedication plaque

More information

One of the plane’s insignias 

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